Microdermabrasion with Derma Pod Crystals



Microdermabrasion with Derma Pod Crystals

Microdermabrasion with crystals: face treatment

  • Advantages: deep exfoliation
  • Patented Turbo Flow Projection System: delivers safe and even abrasion and can even be used on sensitive areas such as dark circles under the eyes or areas where there is couperose;
  • Computer controlled functions: perfect outcome every time;
  • 40 pre-programmed settings: treatments adapted to all skin types;

Erase years from the appearance of your skin naturally without the use of invasive procedures…

Derma-Pod total rejuvenation system combines the latest technologies to bring superior, longer lasting results… controlling and, in some cases, reversing the aging process.

Derma-{pd Total Rejuvenation Treatments combines skin resurfacing, Photo Biostimulation, and micro currents in one treatment for a complete facial rejuvenation package that brings;

  • Younger Looking Skin
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening facial contour
  • Improved textural irregularities

… All with no downtime or adverse effects!!

 Microdermabrasion Phase

Derma Pod ultimate rejuvenation treatment begins with skin resurfacing. By removing the upper layers of the epidermis, the skin becomes more receptive to photo treatments and micro currents.

During this phase Derma Pod projects a controlled steam of natural mineral crystals to gradually erase flaws and blemishes.  Each pass removes a precise amount of surface cells revealing newer and healthier skin. It refines pores, coarse and granular skin, reducing uneven pigmentation while smoothing superficial scars and blemishes.


Suited for all skin types

$99 – 1 Treatment

$229 – 3 Treatments

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