Vasculyse 2G

The VascuLyse Machine is an advanced cosmetic device designed to effectively eliminate various skin imperfections. Utilizing a targeted application of heat generated by a specialized current, the machine coagulates the blood within the treatment area.  

VascuLyse Machine will eliminate:

  • 1). Skin tags
  • 2). Ruby points
  • 3). Telangectasia (Dialated Capillaries)
  • 4). Milia
  • 5). Cholesterol deposit
  • 6). Stellar angioma (spider veins)

By using heat produced by a current to coagulate the blood.

VascuLyse 2G

Vasculyse 2G Pricing

Treatment packages!

$75.00 – 15 minutes

$150.00 – 30 minutes 

The Technology : RF Current

The RF current produces a vibration of water molecules in the tissues by alternately attracting and repelling charges particles located within these tissues

This vibration creates the heat necessary to coagulate the blood in the capillaries


Water molecules are positively and negatively charged particles in the tissues

Therefore water is  necessary to conduct current in the skin

thermocoagulation works best on a well hydrated skin

Thermocoagulation treatment with the Vasculyse 2G is:

  • 1). Permanent
  • 2). Non-Invasive: Does not pierce the skin
  • 3). Most blemishes will be removed in 1 to 3 sessions

What is a dilated capillary ?

  • 1). Over time, due to several factors, capillary walls may  lose their elasticity and become permanently enlarged

  • 2). Capillaries located close to the dermo-epidermal junction layer may then become visible
  • 1). Heredity
  • 2). External skin aggressions
  • 3). Hormonal causes
  • 4). Health problems
  • 5). Medication
  • 6). Climate
  • 7). Other (food….)

      Telangiectasia on the nose                  Red Telangiectasia on the cheek (couperose)


  • 1). Small areas of highly concentrated dilated capillaries
  • 2). They have a circular shape
  • 3). They can be small and level with the skin
  • 4). They can be thick and slightly raised

Flat and Raised Ruby Points

Cholesterol deposit removal

Milia Extraction with Vasculyse 2G


The thermocoagulation process

1). The dilated section of the capillary will be coagulated

2). The blood in the capillary will solidify

3). Blood flow will be interrupted along the treated section

4). Blood flow will be re-directed into neighboring capillaries

5). Healing and regeneration rapidly occurs within
3 to 21 days (longer on the legs)

6). There is no scar tissue formation at the epidermal level
post treatment scabbing is barely noticeable, usually pin point size


What are skin tags

1). Skin tags are small growths of epithelium

2). They usually appear with age

3). They can be the same color as the skin or darker

4). They are mostly made of epidermal cells

5). They have a small capillary connection

6). They are easily removed with the Vasculyse 2G


Skin Tag with Base                    Immediately following treatment. All that is left is a small scab. 

Home care

1). Scabs must never be removed

2). They will fall off on their own within 3 to 21 days

3). Do not touch, stretch or otherwise manipulate treated area

4). Cleanse area gently using fingers and mild facial cleanser

5). Apply cold compresses if area feels hot or irritated

6). Refrain from strenuous physical activity (48h following)

7). Apply moisturizing/healing cream 4 to 5 times daily

8). Refrain from saunas swimming pool, whirlpools (48h following treatment)

9). Use total sun block and avoid sun exposure or tanning salons

10). You may apply make up over treated area

Our Happy Customers

Based on 18 reviews
Rebekah Murdoch
Rebekah Murdoch
amazing experience with a service I was nervous to try - Sandra was also so good at putting me at ease, fun and professional
Jaymie Vankempen
Jaymie Vankempen
For anyone looking for a beautiful, clean med spa for all your beauty needs, this is your spot. I have been going to uptown laser for the last year and have had a fantastic experience every time. I have had the hydrafacial and micro needling treatments after suffering from adult acne, The results have been phenomenal, I always feel so welcomed and well taken care of after leaving. Thank you Uptown for always making me look and feel my best, there is no one else I trust more with my skin!
Sandra is the most professional laser technician I've met. She is one of the kindest person you'll have ever met. I have had amazing results with hair removal and I am so happy with her incredible service 🙂
Heather D
Heather D
I had the best experience with Sandra! I had a chemical peel a few weeks ago and my results are amazing! My skin is glowing and feels so incredible. Sandra is so knowledgeable and was awesome at answering my questions. I can’t wait to go back for more treatments and self care!!
Tammy T
Tammy T
I see Sandra for micro needling, hydrafacials, and microdermabrasion. I love both the treatments and Sandra. Spa is clean, staff is professional and Sandra is a doll, she’s the only person I trust with my skin. Highly recommend this med spa.
My countless experiences at Uptown Laser have been nothing but amazing! I have had many treatments over the years that I have been a client at Uptown Laser. I have had HydraFacials, microneedling (one of my favourites), chemical peels, laser, back facials, lashes with Brit, teeth whitening and IPL treatments. Depending on the season and the condition of my skin at the time, Sandra has always consulted with me to choose the best suited treatment for my skin. The products have kept my skin looking flawless! Thank you so much for everything!
Elisha Hosein
Elisha Hosein
Great Service! Wonderful staff and great personable care. I would recommend this Medi Spa to anyone and everyone!!!
izzi popat
izzi popat
Sandra runs a classy Spa with up to date technology, she will customize the treatments your skin needs. From the moment you walk in you feel at home. My skin at 60 looks amazing thanks to the variety of natural facial treatments. I highly recommend her Spa
Wade Molyneux
Wade Molyneux
My wife and I both came here for a hydra facial. I had never had one before and my wife has had it done a couple of times. Sandra made it an amazing first-time experience for myself and a great experience for my wife. She answered every question we had and explained what she was doing every step of the way. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable. We will definitely be returning for future services. Highly recommend going here!

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VascuLyse Machine



Effective for All Skin Types


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Ans. It is a device that uses a mild current to remove unwanted skin irregularities
such as skin tags, milia, cholesterol deposits, ruby points & broken capillaries

Ans. There may be some redness around the area that was treated. The results are achieved in 7-15 days

Ans. To avoid hyperpigmentation use sunscreen & avoid sun exposure
Avoid heat such as hot showers, hot tubs., jacuzzi , sweating & hot yoga classes for 24 hours 

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