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Do you want to achieve the look of glowing, smooth and  healthy skin at an affordable price?

Dry brushing is easy and achieves great results. This incredible brush sloughs off dead skin as it assists with the the distribution of fat deposits by reducing the appearance of cellulite, which is toxic matter accumulated in your body’s fat cells. It also stimulates and  increases blood circulation helping to eliminate the toxins from the body while distributing fat cells evenly under the skin. And as a pleasant bonus it also massages and soothes tired aching muscles while boosting your energy levels leaving you feeling great. This dry  brush comes in different shapes for different areas of the body and can work magic on ingrown hairs. And, for all the benefits it gives, it retails for only  $ 16 at Uptown Laser.

Achieve the look of healthy skin and all of the above results by following these simple directions:

-Before bathing, dry brush  in gentle upward circular motions always moving liquid lymphatic waste towards the heart. Always begin at the ankles and move upwards. For the back start at the neck.

* Never brush over inflamed skin, legions, sores, sun-burns, or any form of skin cancer.

-Rinse the dead skin cells from the body after brushing alternate from hot water to cold to further increase blood circulation.

Follow up with a hydrating moisturizer with calming and reparative agents  like vitamin E or camomile.

Smooth glistening, healthy skin has never been so easy. So many reasons to start dry brushing today!

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